Chocolate Gift Box, 8pc

Chocolate Gift Box, 8pc


An assortment of our most popular flavors:

- Strawberry Rose Truffles

Shell: Raw Criollo Cacao, Cacao Butter, Coconut Sugar.

Filling: Coconut, Freeze Dried Strawberries, Coconut Nectar, Coconut Oil, Rose Petals, Rose Extract, Vanilla Extract.

- Dark chocolate Cashew Praline

Raw Criollo Cacao, Cacao Butter, Coconut Sugar, Cashews, Vanilla Extract.

- Vanilla Mulberry White Bonbons

Cacao Butter, Cashews, Coconut, Lucuma, Coconut Sugar, Mulberries, Baobab Powder, Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin Powder, Vanilla Extract.

- Japanese Matcha Chocolate

Cacao Butter, Coconut Sugar, Cashews, Coconut, Lucuma, Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin Powder, Japanese Matcha.

Total of 8 pieces, 2 of each flavors in a box.

You can mix and match the flavors. In your order please specify the amount of each flavors you’d like to have. You can also order 8 pieces of only 1 or 2 flavors.

Our chocolate is made to order. Please allow 3 business days for production time. Because all of our products  are custom-made, we do not allow an order to be changed once it is placed. However, if the change is immediate or if there is enough time for us to change your order, feel free to contact us asap.

For custom flavors, please email:

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