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Learn Tempering Chocolate like a Pro + Vegan White & Colored Chocolates!


As in our previous classes, we'll start with the basic dark chocolate recipe. While whisking and mixing, we'll talk about different ways of tempering chocolate. Tempering might sound like a scary word for someone who never worked with chocolate professionally. It is a tricky process, but not a rocket science. It is all about right temperature and little tricks you can learn in order to simplify the process.  It is a sort of meditation. Its calming effect can almost instantly sooth any anxiety and stress-related feeling. With the beautiful chocolate aroma, you will naturally find yourself in a happier, much-balanced state of mind.

Working with chocolate can bring up some of your sweetest childhood memories, can awaken your creative abilities, can revive your culinary senses, stimulate your personal and professional growths, can even teach you how to be more patient, and will definitely bring joy and much-needed peace within yourself.

In this class, we'll be making beautiful chocolates with natural pigments based on a raw vegan chocolate recipe. 

SPECIAL BONUS: You will also learn tempering tecniques to master your skills to make shelf stable glossy chocolates. 

We will be making 3 types of chocolates: 

  • Basic Dark Chocolate;
  • Creamy White Chocolate (special vegan recipe);
  • Colored Chocolate Bonbons with different flavoring. Variety of spices, nuts, dry fruits and essential oils will be available for your creative use. 

All chocolates will be raw, vegan, refined sugar-free, made with high-quality organic ingredients so they will be also highly nutritious!

Taught by New York-based raw chocolatier Olga Savel. 

You will be guided through the fascinating history of chocolate. You’ll discover how chocolate is made and you'll be experiencing 100% pure chocolate! You’ll also learn special insider secrets and tips that you can apply to your chocolate making adventure so can show off at dinner parties with friends or family! 

Pre-Registration is required to attend the class. Space is limited! Click the button below to SIGN UP. 
Cost: $75 per person
All materials will be provided. You will leave the class with your own handmade chocolates!

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